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About Freefy

Freefy is a free streaming music platform, without advertising between songs and with the usual “Premium” functionalities that other platforms offer.

Created from the idea of offering a quality free alternative to other platforms and thus avoiding the use of "pirated" applications.

Is it legal Yes, Freefy uses only official APIs from YouTube, Spotify and other third party sites and does not violate any terms of service.

This is Freefy How does it work Freefy?


Discover and listen to new music releases.


Search for songs, artists, albums or playlists.


Create your playlists and listen to music in normal or random mode and changing songs as many times as you want, you decide.


Always have your favorites, your songs, your artists and the albums you like the most.

How does it work Freefy?

Sign up for free

Register directly on the web app or download the Freefy app from Google Play.

Search for songs

Find the songs you want to listen to and add them to your library by checking the ❤️ that appears next to the song or album title.

Create your playlists

Create your playlists with the music you like the most, you can create public or private playlists and choose how to manage them, whether collaboratively or non-collaboratively.


In this last step we imagine that you liked Freefy, so please share Freefy with your friends and invite them to register and use it 😊.

Download Freefy!

We currently have two options, the web application that is accessible and installable from almost any device and a specific one for Android on Google Play, which one do you choose?